weddingsWe believe God is forgiving and merciful.

We believe God wants a world full of peace, free of injustice and filled with mercy. We try to live our lives in these ways.

We believe God is still speaking. We believe God is acting in the world to establish a global community of grace and peace. Our faith is not just an old set of beliefs to learn, our faith is alive and is to be practiced day by day.

Our hope is that we, Union Congregational Church, will live our life together in such a way that people will see the beauty of God in our behavior. We want to be a beacon unto the world. We want to be a true and honest community of God.

We believe that God’s love has no boundaries or barriers. God loves everyone. It does not matter where you have been or where you are, God loves you. Your race, ethnicity or sexual preference do not matter. You are welcome.

None of us are perfect. We recognize that sometimes we will make mistakes in our faith journey. Then we fall upon God’s love and forgiveness to lead us back onto the right path.

We believe love, of god and each other, is the ultimate value. We believe the tools to accomplish love are grace and mercy, forgiveness and non-violence, peace and justice, hospitality and good food.

We are informed and taught by the Bible, led by the Holy Spirit, mentored and saved by Jesus Christ and ruled by God. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday of every month.