Our minister usually does not use a script from which he preaches. So sermons are very seldom posted here. When he does use a script we will gladly post it.

Sunday Sermon Summary
14 June 2015
Mark 4:26-34
The Mustard Seed.

God does not expect us to save the world. We do not have to be the founder of some large corporation, the general of an army, a powerful politician or a big-time church. We do not need to be rich, famous or powerful to serve the Lord.

In fact “the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed”, the very smallest seed to be planted. The smallest acts and things are the foundation of God’s Kingdom. Gentle touch, a kind word, a note to a prisoner, a meal for the hungry…many things unseen by most, small seemingly inconsequential things are the beginning of God’s Kingdom.

That being the case, we are all capable of beginning God’s Kingdom with a tiny mustard seed act. It is a mustard seed conspiracy.

Sunday Sermon Summary
21 June 2015
Mark 4:35-41

Who among us has not survived some storm in our lives. Some storm that filled us with fear and maybe even brought us to the brink of death. And then we cried out, ‘where are you God!’

It can’t be said enough: God never, ever, ever promises that nothing bad will ever happen. God never promises smooth sailing and blue skies every day. If you think that God promises this, you haven’t read your Bible lately.

What God does promise is that when the world comes crashing down, God is right there with us. Jesus is there with us, in the sinking boat. Ready and willing to ride the storm out with us, never to abandon us and always to save us. The storm will be calmed and the boat will sail safely again.