Rev. Brian Gruhn is our interim minister.

Brian is married with two young children. He is helping us to discern where our church is going in the future and to search for a settled minister. Recently, Brian sent this message to our congregation.

The word “interim” really just means “temporary,” so one way of understanding this title is to say “I am your temporary pastor. I’m just a placeholder, until a new ‘settled’ pastor comes along.”

To me…that is not an entirely accurate description of what is happening in the life of this Church.  I prefer the term “transitional ministry,” or, even better, “intentional transitional ministry.”  Yes, you do not currently have a “settled” pastor…but that is only one part of what is happening in the life of this congregation.  You are also discerning how to work and live together after the pandemic, you continue to serve your community and wonder how to invite others to share in your work.  You share in weekly worship and Bible Study, and you find regular opportunities to gather together and share in fellowship.  And you are intentionally taking time to assess the strength and well-being of your ministries and make particular choices about how you will be God’s People in this place going forward.  So you are in a season of “transition,” and it is my honor and my job to walk with you in this time, to assist you in discerning, traveling and arriving to a new “settled” chapter in the life of this 128 year old congregation.