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We are many things. We are small in number, but strong in faith.

Please come and join us. Come as you are.

Some of us are wandering in our faith journey, others are very certain. Some of us have questions and others have answers. It does not matter where you have been or who you are, you are welcome here.

Worship is fairly traditional. We have a wonderful small choir and some great pianists and organists. The preaching is good too.

You can find us at 18 Church Street, York Beach ME. Click here for a Google map or go to this site’s Contact page. We have a Facebook page, an email address and a phone number.

We are a small congregation. You will not find lots of programs in our household of God, but you will find lots of love that is wrapped up in mercy and grace. We also work very hard at forgiveness and peace. We try to seriously practice what we preach.

We like being with each other. We like welcoming new disciples. We probably have too many committee meetings (we’re working on that). We have our fundraisers. But most of all, we enjoy being together in the Spirit of the Lord.

Like many small churches we have challenges. We believe that God calls us to be faithful in any and all situations. So regardless of our size our goal is to follow the Lord and his ways.

Some of us are pushing 90 years in age and have been at this church since we were born. Some of us retired here after long careers. Some of us came to Southern Maine for jobs.

Some of us came for the beauty of the ocean. (We are only two blocks from the ocean.) And for some it is only a summer residence. And some of us have been here all our lives. But all of us call this church home.

Some of us are searching. Some of us have found what we need.
Some are certain as to what we believe, others do not have a clue.
But we are all dedicated to being the best disciples we can possibly be.

We may be getting a little “long in the tooth”, but we are still open to new ideas and challenges. The times “they are a changin'” and we know and believe that God is always calling us to new life.

We are a household of the United Church of Christ denomination.

Our tradition informs us, but does not bind us. We are searching, with God’s help, to find a way for us to be most faithful in our ministry. Change is never easy. But we are up to the task because we know that God always leads the people to a new and bountiful life.

Come on by and visit soon.