Union Congregational Church

Our Church mission is to live our faith in Jesus Christ by Example. We celebrate our ministry with each other and our outreach to the wider community. We strive to reflect God's love by worshiping together, warmly welcoming all people into our faith community, volunteering through active service, and sharing our God-given resources and gifts as the Holy Spirit leads us.

Union Congregational Church was established in 1895 as a religious society, formed to meet the needs of York Beach residents. Originally named the Union Society, it changed its name in 1919 when it became incorporated, becoming the Union Congregational Church.

As the only year-round church in York Beach, Union Congregational Church serves a vital function in the community. Offering weekly Worship Services, and Childrenís Sunday School, the church stands as a beacon of hope and a testament of faith for all people, providing opportunities, religious education and spiritual growth for every age. Itís commitment to serving God through serving people makes Union Congregational Church a Christian community filled with warmth, caring, and a genuine concern for all people. Our heritage, structure, and polity are Congregationalist in nature, meaning that while we are in covenant with other Congregational churches and support common ministries, we as a church remain autonomous and self governing in all matters pertaining to he church, seeking Godís will and purpose in all that we do.

Blessings from the Union Congregational Church of York Beach, Maine.