Union Congregational Church

We hope you will join us for worship. We pray our time together with God will be a blessing.

It's OK with us if you have doubts. Some of us do too. It's OK with us if you have figured out your faith, God and Jesus Christ. Some of us have too.


We try to m ake our life together fun, merciful, gracious and avoid silly, petty spats. We don't always succeed, but we do our best. We also believe it is ok to make mistakes. Things happen. Faith happens, Forgiveness happens.

We believe God is still speaking; and alive and well in our lives. We also believe everyone is welcome in God's house and we mean everyone.

Maybe you will consider being a part of our faith community? Join us in a life of mercy and grace, peace and forgiveness, salvation and justice. Come know the Savior. Plus, our potluck food is fantastic!

Blessings from the Union Congregational Church of York Beach, Maine.